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The responsiveness and generosity that characterize our community of believers is fully evident in the current capital campaign “To the Glory of God.”  Financial gifts large and small are making possible the realization of long-overdue and necessary replacement and repairs.  The generosity of individual members, families, friends, and our children and youth is significant.  In a remarkably brief period of time, our congregation has committed to the work ahead.

Two challenges remain:  the first is assuring that the entire membership of our congregation demonstrates commitment to this campaign; the second is honoring the commitments that have been made.

It is now time to begin to translate that commitment into the giving of gifts, To the Glory of God.  Several payment options were provided, one-time and at intervals throughout the duration of the campaign.  These can be delivered to the church office, mailed to the church, or placed in the offering plates.  Simply note “campaign pledge” on the check.  Payments via PayPal are welcomed—but note that the fees associated with such payments are deducted from the amount the church will receive.  Contact Dolores  Morgan in the church business office if you have any question about pledge payments.

The church’s capital campaign “To The Glory of God” has revealed the generous and supportive nature of our community of believers.  One would not have imagined such success! Thanks to all of you for your love of St. Stephen and support of it’s work in the community and the world!