Think. Serve. Worship. Belong.

Now @ SSPC

Throughout the year St. Stephen hosts concerts for everyone to enjoy. Incarnatus will take place in the candlelit sanctuary of St. Stephen and will include use of St. Stephen’s sanctuary pipe organ.

A reception will follow the concert in the Parish Hall.

This concert is free.

Wednesday Fellowship:

• Noon Bible Study in the Session Room, bring a sack lunch. 

• 6pm Dinner in Parish Hall ($5) followed by Bible Study at 6:30pm. 

During the hottest and coldest months of the year, every Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, St. Stephen opens its doors to people experiencing homelessness in our community. To learn how your family can help, please visit this page.

Or Sign-Up here. 

Sermons & Blogs


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Music Camp 2020

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The St. Stephen Community

Core Values


​We encourage questions– theological inquiry, honest searching–when it comes to matters of faith. We believe in Jesus, but we don’t believe that people get faith by squelching their sincere doubts, fears and concerns. You’re free to be who you are at St. Stephen.


Our faithful commitment to Jesus calls us to serve our fellow human beings, not out of a sense of obligation, but out of a genuine desire to show Christ’s love to neighbor and stranger.


We maintain a tradition of worship that acknowledges the mystery and majesty of God. Our commitment extends to excellence in music, and sermons that are both intellectually challenging and spiritually uplifting.



Here you’ll find rich and poor, young and older, blended families, gay and straight—all working and celebrating together as the Family of God. Here, everyone belongs.