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Update: South Central Alliance of Churches Project for COVID patients — A Total Success!

Through a project organized by South Central Alliance for Churches (SCAC), St. Stephen delivered multiple boxes of books, magazines, and other items to include in activity kits for COVID-19 patients at John Peter Smith Hospital.  These items were generously donated by members and friends of St. Stephen to provide activities for hospitalized patients while recovering from the coronavirus.  

Thanks to all who participated in this project!



May 7: 

The South Central Alliance of Churches (SCAC) needs help collecting items for local COVID patients.  Because they are not allowed visitors, strict isolation not only creates distress, but oftentimes increases anxiety and boredom, neither of which is conducive to healing.

For those reasons, we’ve been given a short-term opportunity to provide donations (new/used books, handheld electronic games, puzzle/activity books, adult coloring books w/markers, magazines, small radios w/earphones) for the patients to be more actively engaged during their recovery. 

Please remember, we DO NOT want anyone to put themselves in additional or unnecessary exposure to buy and donate any of these items — gently used is good!   Only purchase items when shopping for your own needs while maintaining safe social distancing.

On Tuesday, May 12th from 1:00 to 1:30pm, with help from Mike Tyson and Matt Loynachan SCAC donations for COVID patients may be dropped off at the church in the church parking lot from the trunk or passenger side of your vehicle.    

Questions? Please contact Darlene Myatt: