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The Prayer Shawl

There is a marvelous group of ladies at my church, St. Stephen Presbyterian Church in Fort Worth, Texas, who meet each week to knit prayer shawls for people in and related to our congregation.  They take them to those who are bereaved, ill, or just basically in need of love and concern.    I always thought that what they were doing was sweet, but maybe just a bit silly.

Last August, my partner passed away suddenly of a massive stroke.  Both of us were very active in our church and St. Stephen was a great part of our lives.  The day after Vern died, the Director of Christian Education delivered a prayer shawl to my home.  I looked at it and then put it back into the bag, wondering what I was going to do with this somewhat small shawl.  After all, I am a man, and a fairly big guy at that.  The shawl stayed in the bag in a corner of our bedroom throughout the remainder of the summer and the fall.Read More »The Prayer Shawl

People Who Wear Robes


by Diana Logan


Diana Logan is a nurse practitioner and a member of St. Stephen Presbyterian Church.


It was ten years ago in a different church, in another state, that I began to fear the people who wear the robes.


It started one October day when a member of the 9th grade Sunday school class I was teaching at the time asked to speak to me privately. I will call him Jason.


“I’m leaving,” Jason said bluntly. I was puzzled. I had know Jason since he was a baby and his parents were good friends. His mother had not said anything to me about the family moving away. When I questioned Jason about this, he replied: “No, I mean I am leaving this church. After last Sunday’s sermon I am afraid to come here anymore because I think I am gay.”Read More »People Who Wear Robes

Pink Velvet Jesus

It all started as a joke–a joke of which my husband did not approve. David and I were Christmas shopping in the hill country town of Fredericksburg the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was in a little novelty/toy shop that I spotted the Pink Velvet Jesus. He stood about a foot high, and his purpose was to give anybody who shook him up and then turned him upside down the answer to any question. I was charmed. I recalled the old “eight ball” fortune telling toy of my childhood. I shook the ball, turned it over, and there was the answer as to whether I was going to pass my geometry test, or if the boy who sat next to me in geometry liked me. The eight ball knew all.Read More »Pink Velvet Jesus