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“Spotlight Gifts, Spirit Gifts”

“Spotlight Gifts, Spirit Gifts”
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Reverend Beth Hessel
January 20, 2013

        I have a confession to make: I am a bit of a fan of the Fox television show Glee. It is a story about an Ohio high school Glee Club, and the trials, travails, and small triumphs of students who battle against the opinions of hostile classmates to claim their artistic gifts, and compete amongst each other for a chance in the spotlight to showcase their talents. While often over the top and campy, Glee also touches on the basic needs of young people, indeed of all of us, for love, acceptance, and the opportunity to discover and use our God-given gifts while also respecting and encouraging the giftedness of those around us. The show explores how a community – be it a student body, an organization, or a larger group — disintegrates when the talents or traits of some individuals are valued over those of others – when the athlete or the prima donna singer or the able-bodied or heterosexual individuals are privileged and the contributions of everyone else denigrated. Glee celebrates the unique giftedness of every individual and the importance of using our gifts for the common good. It highlights the integral value of everyone to the health of a body and challenges the notion, so prevalent in our culture, that some people and some gifts, are more important than others.Read More »“Spotlight Gifts, Spirit Gifts”

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