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Summer Opportunities for Children

Vacation Bible School & Afternoon Camp for children ages 3 year old – post 6th grade. Have your children enjoy a morning of Bible study, music, crafts, science, recreation, cooking, lanyard crosses and puppets. Stay for the afternoon and add more recreation, watery fun, movies, snacks and more music. Download the application and send it or fax or scan it back to us! Love to have your children learn about God while having fun! And Music Day Camp for children ages Kindergarten – post 6th grade. Start Monday and end Friday night with the knowledge of a complete children’s religious…

Night Time at Room In The Inn

The three men stood elbow to elbow to demonstrate how closely the sleeping mats are spaced at the Presbyterian Night Shelter.  “Sometimes they roll over and throw their arm across you,” said one man, and the others nodded in agreement. “You have to put your shoes under your head or they’ll steal them.”

Rhythm: A Universal Paradigm

I am fascinated by rhythm. After all, I am a professional musician. However, it might be surprising to know that rhythm is inscribed on the DNA of every living thing; animal, plant and even has a role in the creation of inanimate objects such as rocks, sand, and human-made things.

The church must admit its complicity in bullying — and stop it.

When I was pastor of a rural Virginia church in the early 1990s, I performed the funeral of a young gay man, a member of the church, who’d died from hepatitis contracted from needle exchange. If that hadn’t killed him, though, AIDS would have. It wasn’t suicide, but it might as well have been, because his self-destructive path had started with being bullied, teased and demeaned as a teenager — at that very church. Read more: