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Adult Ministry Opportunities

Do you enjoy learning in the company of others? St. Stephen Presbyterian Church has many opportunities for you to grow alongside others while being encouraged and challenged in your faith. There are also opportunities to serve in ministry or in outreach to the community. 


Adult Sunday School

Once or twice a year, this class is ideal for those interested in learning more about the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and St. Stephen’s history. Typically the classes run for about 6 weeks and cover such topics as: what it means to be a Christian and Presbyterian, the essential tenets of our denomination, and exciting aspects of being a member of St. Stephen. 

This engaging class invites visiting faculty and other knowledgeable teachers to address current topics, the Bible and theological issues. The Searcher class meets in the Eastminster room midway down the first floor hallway.

Searchers’ Sunday School Class, 9:45 – 10:45 AM

Coordinator, Charlotte Ray, hopes that you’ll consider joining this Adult Sunday School Class as they journey though these variety of in depth topics. First though, enjoy Sunday School Breakfast in Parish Hall.

Topics & Speakers – 

February 4: Brian Eaton –  “Christian Theology in other Religions”

February 11: Brian Eaton – “Christian Theology in other Religions” 

February 18: Dr. Eric Cox – “The Trump Presidency”

February 25: Dr. Timothy Lee – “The History of Christianity in East Asia”

March 4: Dr. Timothy Lee – “The History of Christianity in East Asia”

March 11: Dr. Timothy Lee – “The History of Christianity in East Asia”                 

March 18: Robert Simon – “The Background of Jewish Holidays”

March 25: Robert Simon – “The Background of Jewish Holidays”

April 1: Clarke Danner – “The Councils and the Canonization of the New Testament”

April 8: Clarke Danner – “The Councils and the Canonization of the New Testament”

April 15: Dr. Shelly Matthews – TBA

April 22: Dr. Shelly Matthews – TBA                     

April 29: Dr. Jane Pawgen – “Jews in the American Revolution”

May 6: Dr. Cathy Corder – “Shaped Note Singing”

May 13: Dr. Beth Haller – “Deaf Education in American and the Presbyterian Connection”

May 20: Beth Haller – “Laura C. Redden aka Howard Glyndon, A Deaf Female Journalist in late 19th Century America”

This class is perfect for those who question and enjoy hearing diverse points of view.  Trinity Class meets in the upstairs classroom at the top of stairs near the main office.

New Adult Sunday School Class “How the Bible Addresses Moral Injury!” Starts February 4, 9:45 a.m.

Moral injury arises from the violation of a human being’s core moral convictions. It can damage good character and wreck personal moral identify and beliefs. This injury may lead to feelings of meaninglessness, shame, and despair resulting in inner anguish, alienation, addiction, self-harm, and suicide. Moral injury is an emerging area of trauma studies in religion, which highlights complex ambiguities of betrayal and personal culpability among perpetrators and victims of violence. Work on moral injury insists that communities are crucial to repair and recovery.

Moral injury is the subject of some of the most difficult passages of the Bible, including war, rape, slavery, murder, adultery, toxic leadership, and betrayal. Together we will read stories in the Old and New Testament that examine suffering and betrayal. We will look at these tough scriptures to identify instances of moral injury and look for circumstances of repair, recovery and reconciliation, as well as the failure of recovery.

The class will start February 4, 2018, led by Angela Springfield, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. in the Northminster Room—above the Chapel on the second floor of the Education Building. Donuts are offered in Parish Hall from 9:25 – 9:45 a.m.

Weekday Learning and Fellowship

Dr. Ritsch leads an intensive Bible Study every Wednesday from noon until 1:00–or longer, for those who’d like to stay! This dedicated group chooses a book of the Bible and spends months on it, learning about the most recent scholarship, the lifestyle, archaeology, and politics of the times in which it was written, what other sources of the period say about the same matters, and so forth. In the process, we find out the ways God is speaking to us today –individually, as a community, and in the modern world. It’s a fun and dynamic group, with lots of discussion and insight, and we love visitors, so please join us! 

Saints Alive is an eight month program for senior church members of St. Stephen on the fourth Thursday of Jan – May, Sept., Oct. & Nov. at 11:30 a.m. in the Eastminster Room of the Education Building. We share a meal before our guest speaker gives a program. We have musical and topical guest speakers ranging from mission outposts to local historical to photography to anything. There are also 4 – 6 excursions through the year to see Art or Historical Exhibits or see the Bluebonnet Festival. Join us on Thursdays and our trip days.

Held the fourth Friday of every month during the lunch group, this group explores thought-provoking books in a fun environment

Other Adult Groups

The Knitting Guild is a recent start-up group of women who knit caps, scarves or lap blankets for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or who are chronically ill. They have given out many a scarf or blanket to dozens of recipients and intend to keep up this mission of caring for a long time! The guild meets Tuesday afternoons. 

The Docent Guild offers knowledgeable tours of the church facilities including information about the architecture, the appointments and furnishings of the buildings, and the meaning of the religious symbolism found throughout St. Stephen Presbyterian Church. Tours of the sanctuary are offered at 12:00 noon on the first Sunday of each month, as well as by appointment.

Presbyterian Women (PW) is a national organization of the Presbyterian Church that provides excellent Bible and spirituality resources and mission opportunities targeted to women. St. Stephen offers meetings at a variety of times to accommodate women in all walks of life. Meetings are generally on the second Tuesday of the month with the PW Council in the Session room at 9:30 a.m. The PW Day Circles follow at 10:30 a.m. in the Eastminster room for Bible Study and light snacks. L.O.T.E. meets on third Monday for Bible study and potluck at the homes of L.O.T.E. members. Call the church office for this month’s location.

For more information about Presbyterian Women and how to get involved, click here.