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Architecture and Needlework

A peal of five bells sits on top of the Tower. The casting was completed in 1981 and the bells were installed in 1982. Cast by Eijsbouts, Ltd., Bell Founders in Asten, Holland, the bells range in weight from 1,000 pounds to almost 5,000 pounds.

The combined weight of the peal is 12,081 pounds. The musical pitches of the bells are “C” (bourdon bell), “D#,” “F,” “G,” and “A,” which make possible a traditional Westminster hour strike or a Te Deum melody, the latter normally used at St. Stephen.

In late 2007, the tower bells were electrically and mechanically refurbished. The actual bells were the only part of the installation that were not changed. New ringing systems for both stationary and swinging ringing, as well as modern electronic controlling system were part of this renovation and refurbishment.