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7:30 pm

Concerts at St. Stephen is pleased to welcome Verdigris Ensemble to perform a free concert on March 1, 2020 at 7:30 pm.

Verdigris is a professional ensemble of vocal artists exploring the boundaries of the choral medium.

Concert description: The Dust Bowl was a man-made environmental disaster that began in 1931 and lasted for almost a decade, displacing entire populations in the southern plains region of the United States. Constant droughts, bug infestations, and increasingly dangerous living conditions left farmers with one guarantee: dust. “Dust to eat and dust to breathe and dust to drink. Dust in the beds and in the flour bin, on dishes and walls and windows, in hair and eyes and ears and teeth and throats.” In collaboration with bluegrass band, video projection, and choreographed movement, Verdigris Ensemble world premieres the stories of that time period and asks the question: how did this happen and have we learned from our mistakes?