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Sunday School Kickoff

9:30 am


Meet Teachers, Hear About Classes, Try Our Kids’ Science Experiments Around the Room!

The Christian Education Committee wants to shake things up as we are going to open a Science Center in part of the Youth Basement. Hopefully by October 1st will have a Lego Board on the wall, circuits center, a few small live animals, and some hydroponics and the like for kids to experiment with and learn of God’s all powerful creation and natural laws!

At the Kick Off, we know we have SNAIL RACING and snail give away, and 4 other science attractions!

Sunday School Classes Offered:
Nursery 0—2 Year Olds
Godly Play 3 Year Olds—1st Grade
Stepping Stones 2nd—5th Grades (Rotations through Cooking, Bible Story, Science, & Art)
Confirmation Class 6th Graders & up interested in learning about Presbyterians, Christianity, and church membership.
Youth Class 6th—12th grades
Young Adult College and Up
Searchers Adult Class Collegiate Topics
Bible Study In depth Special sessions

Come learn More on Kick Off Sunday!