Think. Serve. Worship. Belong.

Room In The Inn Orientation

Eastminster Room
5:00 pm

St. Stephen’s signature mission outreach is Room in the Inn, a local mission to the homeless co-founded by St. Stephen and Broadway Baptist Church in the winter of 2007. Now some 20 churches are involved. One night a week, during the hottest and coldest nights of the year, we invite 10-15 homeless men to be our guests in St. Stephen’s parish hall. We serve them dinner and breakfast, fellowship with them, and set them up in comfortable beds to spend the night. If you’re interested in volunteering, now’s your opportunity to learn more about it. Meet with Rev. Ritsch and other RITI leaders in the Eastminster Room–midway down the first floor hallway of the education building–to learn about the program; then come volunteer, whether to serve or clean up, or simply to enjoy fellowship with our guests. The food is always great, and the company is extraordinary. Come learn how to serve Christ through serving your neighbor!