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Bridge of Hope

5:00 pm

The first three Wednesdays in March (the 4th, 18th and 25th) we will be introduced to a new local mission outreach called Bridge of Hope. Bridge of Hope enables a local congregation to sponsor a family, generally a mother and her children, as they transition out of homelessness. We are doing this in partnership with The Center for Transforming Lives (CTL), who will screen families and make their own resources available, including money and case management. 

For our part, the church team working with the family will provide whatever support they need, which might include mentoring, transportation, help with negotiating bureaucracy, and so on; but most important we are their bridge back into society after they’ve been trapped on its fringes. There is no, or very little financial commitment; the church’s job is to provide community and to facilitate the transition. This is all very new and so most details will be filled in for us when CTL’s trainer, Heather Lowe, leads the events in March.